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Services: Search Engine Marketing

If people aren’t finding your site, it’s not doing you much good. We can help you bring more visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines constantly change their methods and priorities for ranking a site. “Sneaky” and outdated optimization strategies may cause search engines to penalize a site!

We can bring more targeted visitors to your site by using legitimate methods of optimizing your site for keywords that viewers are using.

We use best practices for placing keywords in your <title> and <meta-description> tags.

Cost: varies.

SEO Copywriting

Copywriting is another key factor for attracting search engine visitors. We can edit your text to ensure that important search phrases appear on your pages — with variations in word order and sufficient repetition or density.

Cost: varies.

Keyword research

Using the same keyword phrases that your ideal clients are searching for is vital to search-engine marketing success. We can conduct keyword research to make sure your website is “on track” for using the same words your customers do!

Keyword research can also uncover neglected niches — search phrases that have little to no competition from other websites, but that real people are looking for.

Cost: $225 per root keyword phrase

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