Websites 4 Small Business

Examples: Website Design

Website design and implementation is the core of our business.

Entice visitors to explore further: French Riviera Vacations focuses on the French Riviera as an ideal winter vacation destination. The breathtaking aerial view of the Mediterranean leads people to think, “Wow, I want to go there!” and makes them want to learn more.

French Riviera Vacations

Display quality of construction: Mike Beaudry Remodeling is a builder who handles projects ranging from household expansion and remodeling to supervising construction of a $3.2M church. Here, pictures illustrate the beauty and quality of his work. The website itself is framed to match his print brochure.

Michael Beaudry Remodeling

Capture elegance of fashion show productions: Mary Garthe, fashion show producer, had commissioned some spectacular watercolors by Misha Lenn for her publicity materials. These became the centerpiece of her website — together with photographs of several events she had produced.

Mary Garthe - Fashion Show Production

Convey ambiance of friendly local restaurant: Lucky’s Cafe in Worcester MA, offers gourmet quality food in an intimate setting. The soft lighting and warm textures of wood and brick are complemented by each day’s fresh flowers. The website displays menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunches, together with times of operation and contact information.

Peter Armer at Lucky's Cafe in Worcester, MA

Showcase a photographer’s work: Mary Juneau-Norcross, photographer, wanted a simple design that would show people how her photographs would look when framed and placed on a wall. The site displays her photos of Paris, Provence, Boston, Cape Cod and other subjects.

Mary Juneau-Norcross Photograhy

Entice people to go to France: Jo Beichler, owner of Latitudes Travel & Tours, offers travel packages for people with specific interests — such as Wine Roads, Glorious Food, and Off the Beaten Path. Her website is rich with photographs and the colors of Europe. Jo updates the site herself.

  Latitudes Travel & Tours

Blend technology with legal expertise: Attorney Daniel A. Batterman specializes in technology law and wanted a website that combined these two. Using his business card as a logo, we created a subtle Flash pulse that traces a circuit-board pattern. Many technology-rich photos adorn the top banner throughout the site.

  Dan Batterman, Technology Attorney

Publicize a Musical: Precious Bane, the Musical, is a musical adaptation of a novel of the same name published in 1926. The painting captures the musical's setting and mood. The website offers excerpts of the music, a video of a read-through, plus photos of the cast, a synopsis of the story and information about the musical’s authors.

Precious Bane, the Musical

Illustrate theme of health and safety: Health & Safety Research, Inc. conducts research studies of emergency preparedness, emergency medical services, air medical services, hospital services, cardiac services, trauma services and mass casualty incidents. Background images for the pages include a crashed car and an emergency helicopter.

  Health and Safety Research, Inc.

Establish ambiance of healer: Sandra Hurlbut, transformational healer, has a deep spiritual connection with the Southwestern desert landscape. Her website displays randomly chosen quotations from inspirational leaders and photographs of waterfalls and Arizona.

Spirit Earth Healing

Animate a sunrise: Chris Wojnar, Feng Shui & Space Clearing expert, used a photograph of a sunrise on her business card to portray the emergent quality of her work. We based her website on this photo, and created a Flash sequence to make it clear the sun was rising, not setting.

  Chris Wojnar: Feng Shui & Space Clearing

Portray essence of blooming: Coach Liz Blu is an empowerment coach who works with women in transition who want to take charge of their lives. The top banner of her website embraces her theme of “Let Your Life Bloom” in both words and image. Also, this site was built with WordPress to make it easy for Liz to update it herself.

  Coach Liz Blu

Promote and sell book: Author D. A. Royster had published a children’s book about Black American adoption, and wanted to promote and sell it online. We took the cover of her book and used it for the home page of her website, and made an image of a crayon for the buy-now button.

  Adoption Is - book about Black American adoption

Display range of expertise: Architect Tim Johnson engaged a colleague to create the graphic design of his new website. We built pages with slide shows that display his work in sixteen projects of renovating single-family residences, multi-family dwellings, and new construction of multi-use buildings.

  Tim Johnson Architect, LLC

Follow the client’s vision: Dunroven Farm — a full care equine facility, offering boarding, training, and lessons in both dressage and eventing — is set on 26 acres of rolling pastures and pine-studded paddocks in Harvard, MA. Owner Laura McGovern and Jay Wallace had clear ideas of what they wanted and a wonderful set of photographs that illustrate their focus on riding, horsemanship, and safety.

  Dunroven Farm

Attorney Christina M. Wojtowicz is a divorce mediation lawyer in Worcester MA. She wanted her website to capture the essence of divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation. The design emphasizes an icon of two people shaking hands while a third places hands on their shoulders. As a result, her website portrays why people would benefit from choosing her as their divorce lawyer and mediator.

  Worcester County Mediation

Give a “facelift” to an old website: Psychotherapist William W. Snow explores the psychology of emotion — feelings such as depression, anxiety, frustration, shame, guilt, loneliness and anger — in articles addressing what to do about conflict, stress, procrastination, dependency and aggression. Created when the Web was young, the site needed a “facelift” of shorter lines, cheerful colors, and better navigation.

  Psytalk - William W. Snow, LISCW

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Wyn Snow patiently and expertly walked me through the development and launching of my website. Wyn’s technical knowledge was only part of what contributed to a very functional, attractive site. Wyn took my ideas and gave creative insight, and implemented everything in a way that worked very well. I received great value and am very happy with the result!