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Articles: Bring More Customers into Your Business

These articles focus on ways your website and its connections can attract more customers — together with other useful tips about the Web.

The Truth about Search Engines and Flash
Search engines say they now index Flash. So ... can you do your site in Flash and still expect to be found? (Find out what SEO guru Jill Whalen thinks!)

Does Your Website Flunk the #1 Rule for Attracting More Customers?
Think of your website as going out on a first date. You want to wow your visitors, but the phone doesn’t ring and your inbox stays empty. Why? More importantly, what can you do about it?

Never Say “Click Here”!
We’ve all used “click here.” It’s easy. It’s simple. And it’s wrong. (Find out why it’s wrong and what to do instead.)

Search Engine Optimization Made Simple
If SEO seems complicated, mysterious or downright baffling, read Jill Whalen’s easily-understood explanation of how search engines work and how to get their attention.

Smart & Steady Marketing Overcomes Slumping Sales
All businesses lose customers — whether from economic downturns or simple attrition. Your online presence (website, e-news, social networking and more) is a vital part of keeping your customer pipeline filled.

Viral Marketing Vanquishes Viewer Boredom
Viral marketing is the fine art of saying something so interesting, outlandish or outrageous that people forward it to their friends.

Use Your Title Tags to Get Found on Search Engines
Your website’s title tags are one of “the big three” factors for getting high rankings on search engines. Jill Whalen — grande dame of SEO — discusses best practices for constructing your title tags.

Secrets of Making a Strong, Secure Password
Stop hackers from stealing your data, your money, and your identity!

Three Tips for a Powerful & Effective Home Page
Does your home page persuade viewers to stay and explore further? Or do they click away to the next page on Google’s list?

Reaching Page One of the Search Engines
How can a small site with stable content compete with the big, established sites? Here are five strategies for reaching page one on the search engines.

Who’s the Villain?
Is your website ho-hum? Identify the villain and make it exciting.

Location, Location, Location on the Web
Attracting lots of visitors is the first key to your website’s success.

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